Welcome to December, which so far has become cooler combined with more precipitation - much closer to the norm of 'proper winter'. Watch out for the possibility of large amounts of rain and maybe even a little snow! 

            Winter bedding plants are now fully stocked with cyclamen, pansies and primroses readily available. Combine these plants with an under-planting of spring bulbs and you will achieve continuous interest well into the next year.

             Berried plants will also enhance the colour through winter with stocks of skimmia, pernettya, winter cherry and gaultheria brightening up our displays.

              Here at the garden centre our minds are very focused on all things Christmas - from the florist we have beautiful hand-made work such as wreaths, advent rings, door knockers and virtually anything floral that our customers can think of.

              Outside we are offering a full Christmas tree delivery service. Only the best quality Nordmann blue trees are available together with a few Noble firs which throw out a fantastic aroma! Please ring us for prices and delivery availability.

               Holly, mistletoe, lichen, twigs and moss are also here for sale. 

            •We will be open on Sundays from Sunday the 5th of October, opening at 11am. We will close on Sundays after Christmas until April

           •As mentioned our Christmas trees are for sale from 1st of December

           •Christmas decorations are now on display, and Christmas parties are not very far away! Start planning for the big events in December!

             •Poinsettias, Christmas cacti, amaryllis and flowering azaleas are all available from our indoor shop and orders can be taken for your requirements

             •Christmas roses (helleborus niger) have just arrived at the garden centre and are looking particularly good - several different named varieties are available

           •Our spring flowering bulb range is becoming more limited as time moves on - but it is still possible to select your own favourite varieties from our stock of loose bulbs or choose the pre-packed mixes of spring colour combinations 

           •Our cards from the Natural History Museum's Archivist collection are both beautiful and inexpensive and we have added more variety to the range

           •Our range of tools from Spear & Jackson, the Kew Gardener collection, are the some of the best available and have proved to be a great success with our landscapers and customers

           •We continue to stock seeds from Suttons, Thompson & Morgan and Franchi seeds, however the stocks are more limited

           •Garden maintenance and one-off garden visits can be arranged by our garden services department. Please speak to Patrick Green on 07813602409

               •It just remains for us to wish all our customers a happy and peaceful Christmas and New Year. See you in 2015!