Welcome to  November which so far continues to be unseasonally mild, peppered with a certain amount of soft rain. Autumn colours this year have been particularly vibrant and lasted for many weeks - we have been treated to some wonderful displays. However, we should be aware that the mild temperatures may not last - be prepared to wrap tender plants in frost protection fabric if the need arrives.

        With Christmas just around the corner we are all starting to think of the festive season. Don't forget to order your Christmas trees, wreaths and advent rings - and let's hope we all enjoy a peaceful end to the year.

        •We are now open on Sundays until Christmas, from 11 am onwards

        •Spring-flowering bulbs are still available and our range of bulbs for 2015 is on display inside our shop. Plant bulbs when you have the opportunity to create an inexpensive but valuable addition to your spring-flowering garden

        •We have a selection of evergreen shrubs in stock now - including pieris, viburnums, azaleas, rhododendrons, skimmias etc

        •The box tree caterpillar continues to be a serious problem in this area. Check all your buxus plants and take action is necessary as soon as possible, because delay will result in you losing your favourite plants or topiary. Be aware that this problem will likely re-occur next spring when the weather warms up again and that your monitoring should continue into next year

         •Think ahead and order wreaths and advent rings from our florists - call us on 02079370481

         •Christmas trees will be on sale from February 27th November - sizes will range from one to six metres tall

         •Our collection of tools from Spear & Jackson, the Kew Gardener collection, is one of the best available and has proved to be a great success with our landscapers and customers

         •Our cards from the Natural History Museum's Archivist collection are both beautiful and inexpensive and provide a lovely way to send message with a floral gift

         •We stock all the necessary components for irrigation systems from both Hozelock and Gardena - but bear in mind that all irrigation systems should be 'drained down' before the frosty weather arrives

         •Garden maintenance and one off visits can be arranged by our garden services department. Please speak to Patrick Green or Daniel Duke on 07813602409 or visit their website 

         •We are looking forward to a busy Christmas season - let us hope that the weather becomes gradually colder rather than a sudden drop in temperatures, but it is beginning to feel that a true winter is just around the corner